Strategies for Teaching the Child with ADHD in Swim Lessons

Child dive inUp, down, under, over, around, behind, in front of; everywhere but where you want.

The inattention, energy and impulsivity of a child with ADHD can be overwhelming at times and not always a good match with the structured group-style learn to swim environment that many swim schools offer.

ADHD is often highly misunderstood and in general most teachers struggle to know how best to teach a child which such a short attention span and with such high energy.

Additionally children with ADHD may struggle more than others at times of transition, with sharing, taking turns or when there is any hint of competition.

Just as every child is unique, so is every child with ADHD and therefore must be treated as such. That said, there are some general strategies that can be helpful for many children with ADHD and that will help you bring out their best.

You will gain

  • A better understanding of the neurobiology of ADHD
  • A better understanding of the child’s everyday experience of ADHD
  • Practical strategies for creating the optimal learning environment
  • Practical strategies for teaching the child with ADHD in lessons
  • A chance to discuss and problem solve any tricky situations from your teaching experience


Duration of session (Online or Onsite)

The duration of this session can be flexible to suit your needs, from a minimum time of a 60 min presentation including question/discussion time to a half-day interactive workshop comprising 2 x 90 min sessions.