trauma-informed aquatics - professional development, aquatic trauma therapy

Trauma-informed aquatics is about
  • Safety
  • Trustworthiness
  • Choice
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment; underpinned by respect for diversity

embedded in all areas of operations in aquatics; swim teaching and coaching, administration, staff and customer relations. These five core principles form the strengths-based framework that foster true collaboration and power-sharing between workers and those seeking help at all service levels. (1,2)

Professional Services

Developing and delivering continuing professional development (CPD) in trauma-informed practice for swim teachers to increase child safety and wellbeing in swimming lessons of all types.

Trauma-informed swim teachers are ‘aware of, sensitive, and responsive to’, trauma-related issues (1,2).  CPD solutions align with the National Principles for Child Safety.

Swim Lessons – Aquatic Trauma Therapy for adults and adolescents with water fear (aquaphobia) and/or fear of large, deep bodies of water such as the ocean.

Blending trauma counselling, exposure treatment, mindfulness and systematic desensitization uniquely at the client’s pace to heal, and gain water confidence and competence.

About Janine

Aquatics specialist and aquatic trauma therapist with over 40 years of professional experience in the aquatics industry, including swim school ownership for 25 years. Janine also has personal experience as a former competitive swimmer, member of the New Zealand synchronised swimming team and duet, and in Masters Swimming.

Providing specialist services in

  • the implementation of trauma-informed practice in the aquatics industry, worldwide
  • the development and delivery of continuing professional development for swim teachers
  • helping people overcome significant fear of water to become more comfortable and competent in the water